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Why Advertise In SNAP?

Linking your business to positive local content is a proven way to exhibit your products and services in a like-minded fashion. The SNAP reader is an educated spender, one that entertains, dines out, travels and shops for goods and services every week. They are community driven and enjoy viewing the hundreds of pictures of friends and family in SNAP each and every month. By showcasing your business in SNAP you are instantly linked to that positive message and will continue to be credited with helping to bring the good news to your community.

Forge a relationship with SNAP and start taking advantage of our "value added" services today:

  • Event Coverage
  • Calendar Listings
  • Articles for the Community
  • Business profiles
  • Link yourself to various community and charitable organizations
  • Skilled marketing and PR planning to suit your business
  • Average shelf life of 17 days per month in each household

Developing a relationship with SNAP can help your business grow. With an average 2.4 readers per copy, and 65% of readers between the ages of 24 and 49 (age of acquisition) SNAP advertising is highly effective and affordable.

SNAP can help. To discuss all of the above and more, please contact us.

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Each event that snapd Bologna attends is assigned a unique “short code” to allow you to find the event quickly on our Web site. These codes can be found in our newspapers below each event description.

Simply enter the Event Code in this box from any page on our Web site and press ENTER. You’ll be taken directly to the chosen event where you can view all the photos from that event.

Purchase your favourite photos, share the event with your friends, comment on the event or photos.